+ What is the standard size for a steel door frame?

+ Can you give some examples of the dimensions of specialized large custom steel door frames which you have manufactured?

+ What are the benefits of using a steel door frame over a wooden door frame?

+ Besides wood and steel is there any other material which is regularly used in the manufacturing of door frames?

+ What is the average lead time for the manufacturing and supply of a steel door frame?

+ Does your steel door factory close during the annual builder’s holiday in South Africa?

+ Where is your door frame factory situated?

+ Do you deliver the manufactured door frames or should we collect the door frames from the factory?

+ Can you supply me with references of companies for whom you have manufactured steel door frames?

+ Do you offer 3D rendering of the steel door frames before manufacturing commences or are your clients supposed to supply you with drawings and specifications before the manufacture of the steel door frame commences?

+ Do you require a deposit before manufacturing of the door frames commences?

+ What is your general terms and conditions when doing business with your company?

+ Besides steel door frames what else do you manufacture?

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